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About us

Quinland & Associates serves franchisors, master franchisees and multi-unit developers, at all stages of their growth.  As a specialized law firm providing prompt, high-quality services, our clients turn to us for practical and cost-effective legal advice.  Franchise regulations can be intricate and difficult to understand.  We provide the legal and business counsel needed to grow your business.

About Us


What is Franchising?

Franchising is a business model for the sale of products and services.  As a franchisor, you’ll offer prospective franchisees the right to license the trademarks and distinctive operational methods of your business. From concept development to international expansion, we  provide franchisors with the knowledge needed to launch successful, growth-focused franchise systems.  Franchising can help business owners like you, achieve rapid expansion.  If you’re interested in franchising your business, we’re here to guide you.

About Franchising

Your Trademarks

A trademark is a type of intellectual property  that contains the words or designs used to identify a brand.  The basic purpose of a trademark, is to  identify the source of products and services.  By franchising your business, you are granting a franchisee the right to use your concept’s name, logo, know-how and distinctive phrasing, to operate an independently owned business. 


Franchise Laws

Franchise offerings are regulated by both state law and the Federal Trade Commission.  Specific disclosures and documents must be provided to prospective franchise buyers, before any franchise sales can be made. Required disclosures include: the initial investment required to operate the franchised business, the initial franchise fee charged, royalties payable to the franchisor and identification of the franchisor’s management.  The required disclosures are contained in a Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”).  A franchise buyer must have an opportunity to review the FDD, along with a copy of your Franchise Agreement, before purchasing a franchise.



Franchisors  usually require franchisees to complete a training program.  The training program is designed to teach  franchisees the key elements of operating a franchised business.  Training programs may be conducted at the franchisor’s headquarters, at an operating franchise unit, online, or using any combination of these methods. Training sometimes include sending a representative of the franchisor to the location of the new franchisee’s business, to assist in opening.



Franchising Your Business

A established path to rapid growth is franchising your business.


Franchise Law Compliance and Document Registration

The Federal Trade Commission requires pre-sale disclosure of key information, which is set forth in a Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”). Some states require presale registration and approval of the FDD.

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Franchise Corporate Transactions

We provide transactional services to start-up and established franchisees and franchisors.  These services include corporate formation, preparation of vendor agreements, system compliance audits and guidance in ownership transitions.


International Franchising and Distribution

Many opportunities exist for both U.S. franchisors seeking to expand their businesses to foreign markets, and international franchisors seeking to enter the U.S. market.

What We Do


Compliance Map
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Our services include:

·         Preparation of the Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement

·         Providing guidance on state registrations and federal franchise regulation

·         Protection of your business name, logos and other intellectual property

·         Preparing the documents necessary for launching master franchise, area development and dealership programs

·         Evaluation of franchisees, to determine compliance with franchise system standards and specifications

·         Preparation vendor and supply chain agreements

·         Assisting in the development of regional cooperatives and franchise advisory councils

·         Coordinating the purchase and sale of franchise systems


Franchising News Updates

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Quinland's team helped me handle a problem I had with a franchisee, and we were able to solve it quickly and satisfactorily.

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Charles Williams

My experience hiring Quinland & Associates to open my franchise was exceptional.

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Mark Brown

Thanks to the services of Quinland & Associates, I was able to expand my business and achieve my dreams.

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Before all else, we value your trust.  You’ve invested significant time and resources in developing a distinctive way of doing business.  Dependable, resourceful and cost-effectrive franchise counsel is the least you should expect. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor, from the very earliest stages of your franchise program.  If you eventually decide that you’d like to sell your mature franchise system, or make strategic acquisitions, we’ll coordinate the ownership transfer. Our firm is committed to your success.

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Quinland & Associates is here to help you meet the challenges that accompany becoming a successful franchisor.  We offer fixed fees and flexible billing, because we know you don’t like surprises in costs and fees.

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